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Great Lakes Story and Photo Contest

Great Lakes Story and Photo Contest – Over $7,500 in Prizes

This summer, people of all ages can submit their stories and photos for the opportunity to win prizes in the Great Lakes Story and Photo Contest.

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Festival of the Arts ’07 Applications for entry

Thanks to Dockside for pointing this out:

Regional Arts Competition – Application

Intake of all art for this year’s Regional Arts Competition will take place on April 26, 27, and 28.

Very soon, the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) will be moving to its new home. As the date of the closing coincides with the festival 2007 Regional Arts Competition and Exhibition, festival has been given an opportunity that is unparalleled in its 38 year history. Not only will the festival 2007 Regional Arts Competition and Exhibition be the last show in the “old” GRAM, but it will fill the entire first floor. Organizers are planning for the largest show we have ever held by changing the rules. For this year only, artists from the eight county area will be allowed FOUR ENTRIES each. To handle the increase in the number of submissions, this year’s show will be selected by four jurors, each adjudicating separate media.

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Holiday Contest Dec. 5th, 2006 – Jan 5th, 2007

This one should be fun! The rules are simple, easy and hopefully will spark a lot of creativity. Each member will get a chance to enter 3 photos and they MUST be tagged with grflickrholiday. Photos must include a Holiday ornament of some sort. Think lights, balls, santa, you know decorations but CAN NOT be set/displayed in a traditional holiday setting. That is right… NO TREES, WREATHS, FIREPLACES, MANGERS, DINNER TABLES, ETC. That’s the contest plain and simple and you have only you and your creativity to use as your guide. I have talked with Matt (docksidepress) and he offered to be the judge this time around. Game on.

– each member can enter 3 photos
– tag photos with grflickrholiday
– must include holiday ornament of some sort
– NO traditional holiday settings
– Dec. 5th 2006 and goes until Jan. 5th 2007

Grand Rapids Marathon

grmar06, originally uploaded by pockett.

First of all, if you are here looking for the photos that our members took of the grand rapids marathon, please click here or do a search on Flickr for GRMARATHON06.

The event was a success from our standpoint of things, and now that photos are starting to appear on flickr, I’m impressed and proud of the photography that we were able to provide. I want to thank the race orginizers who decided to give us this unique oppertunity. Also, I want to thank all the flickr members who got up before dawn to cover the marathon.

Here is what is up for grabs for the members who made it:
From the Grand Rapids Marathon Orginizers:
$100 for their “first place” photo
$50 for their “second place” photo

From Terry Johnson (PowerbookTrance):
1gig memory card for your digital camera (any format)

From Chad VanWalsum (chadvw):
Canon A35F 35mm Rangefinder Camera (45mm f/1,8 – auto exposure)

A topic will be opened on Flickr announcing the winners, along with a post on the GRPhoto blog.

Thank you again

Chad VanWalsum

CONTEST – Results and new contest

People are going to hate me for this. None of the images submited followed the rule of making a note for a rough crop that would be used on the blog. Furthermore, after going through each image, no image fit into the layout properly without needed alot of photoshop work that would have distored the photo beyond regognision. With this said, I’m going to rehost the same contest again with a few minor rule changes. I’m sorry for this, you can now start flaming me.

This image will be on all pages of the grphoto blog and will link directly to the grand rapids flickr group page. Image will also have your user page address on it.

1) Image will fit on the side bar rather then the head. What this means is that this image will be displayed in a VERTICAL format.

2)Photo should represent grand rapids, but keep in mind this is for the grand rapids flickr group as well.

3) Here’s a twist. Though artitechutre and the calder can be in the photo, it can not be the focus. If needbe, I can explain this better.

4) You can submit however many photos you want.

5) The judges will be your fellow grand rapids flickr users.

Contest ends in 1 month, in which time voting will start. More information on voting later.

Want to see your photo in the header graphic? UPDATE

Submit one image that in your eyes signifies grand rapids, and it will be put on the face of the grand rapids photo blog.

Some considerations that you might want to think of.
1) the header image on the site is narrow and long, the composition on the photo should be able to work within it. Make a rough note on your image where you think it should be cropped
2) on the right hand side is the title of the blog

So what do you get?
Well, your image on every page of the blog along with your name and flickr address. not to bad….
*sorry, but the camera has been removed for the contest*

Everyone but myself is free to enter, as long as your a member of Flickr. You have three weeks to decide what photo or to take that photo. Remember, only one photo per person….you submit more, the last one you submit will count. I want people to think, not just to jump in their pool and pick one out. Remember, what makes grand rapids grand rapids?

Good luck. Post a small thumnail in the contest discussion to enter.