Fallout Shelter

01Nicholas, originally uploaded by Nicholas db MacDonald.


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  1. Tim Mol on

    Ha I knew i saw one its right next to the FOXY place on Monroe

  2. happynewmomma on

    What’s the address of this Fallout Shelter? Anyone know where more of these are around the city?

    • Trevor Miling on

      I’ve created a partial list for Grand Rapids if you’re still interested. I am attempting to find all the remaining signage and photograph it before it’s all thrown away

      • Trevor Miling on

        This is a wild-ass guess in the dark but I bet this sign is (or was) on McKay Tower on the corner of Monroe and Monroe Ctr.

  3. Kevin on

    As I recall, the old Davenport College building on Fulton used to be designated as a fallout shelter.

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