It Can Only Come Down, Right?

It Can Only Come Down, Right?, originally uploaded by Brian.H.

It Can Only Come Down, Right?

I am not one of those people that is angry about the price of gasoline. As Americans we enjoy unusually low prices for fuel even now. What I am most angry about is that we have chosen to stick our heads in the sand (both figuratively and literally if you take my meaning) in regard to this finite resource. We as a collective society MUST do something to move away from oil. Ethanol is not going to be a viable option, bio-diesel either. If we had done what we said we were going to do thirty years ago, you and I would have a Mr. Fusion on our cars ala “Back to the Future”. In many ways I wish gas would go to ten bucks a gallon. We all need to wake up and realize it is not our God given right to have $0.50/gal gasoline and drive big ass SUVs. Oh, and as far as I can tell, even if you can afford to buy “carbon credits” to offset your impact, it is a complete farce. Reduce your usage – don’t pay someone to plant an effing tree! Better yet, reduce your usage and you could afford to plant your own trees.


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