At 22, trying to understand that my childhood is over | 3

At 22, trying to understand that my childhood is over | 3, originally uploaded by brad|gillette.

simple self portrait. Always a difficult thing to separate white clothing from a white background. This was done perfectly.

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  1. bradgillette on

    White clothes on a white background is pretty simple once you have it all down. I shut off my fill light so there was no direct lighting, then placed my main light at eye level and at 45 degrees to the camera’s right side. The main light was set to 125 watt seconds. The backlight was set at 80 watt seconds and placed at my feet, with a 180 degree reflector. I was standing about five feet from the backdrop. Camera settings were ISO 100, 1/125, and f/9. I know it sounds pretty technical and confusing, but it’s the same setup I use for just about everything, save for the fill light.

  2. Docksidepress on

    As the say in the Guinness ad, BRILLIANT!

  3. neoubliephotography on

    It isn’t over Brad.
    Just wait, every lady you meet at some time or other will confirm this as they make the statement that they feel like they have a child sometimes. It’s true; guys just get older and still love all our toys and do the most ridiculous shit you can imagine.

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