Holiday Contest Dec. 5th, 2006 – Jan 5th, 2007

This one should be fun! The rules are simple, easy and hopefully will spark a lot of creativity. Each member will get a chance to enter 3 photos and they MUST be tagged with grflickrholiday. Photos must include a Holiday ornament of some sort. Think lights, balls, santa, you know decorations but CAN NOT be set/displayed in a traditional holiday setting. That is right… NO TREES, WREATHS, FIREPLACES, MANGERS, DINNER TABLES, ETC. That’s the contest plain and simple and you have only you and your creativity to use as your guide. I have talked with Matt (docksidepress) and he offered to be the judge this time around. Game on.

– each member can enter 3 photos
– tag photos with grflickrholiday
– must include holiday ornament of some sort
– NO traditional holiday settings
– Dec. 5th 2006 and goes until Jan. 5th 2007

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