Grand Rapids Marathon

grmar06, originally uploaded by pockett.

First of all, if you are here looking for the photos that our members took of the grand rapids marathon, please click here or do a search on Flickr for GRMARATHON06.

The event was a success from our standpoint of things, and now that photos are starting to appear on flickr, I’m impressed and proud of the photography that we were able to provide. I want to thank the race orginizers who decided to give us this unique oppertunity. Also, I want to thank all the flickr members who got up before dawn to cover the marathon.

Here is what is up for grabs for the members who made it:
From the Grand Rapids Marathon Orginizers:
$100 for their “first place” photo
$50 for their “second place” photo

From Terry Johnson (PowerbookTrance):
1gig memory card for your digital camera (any format)

From Chad VanWalsum (chadvw):
Canon A35F 35mm Rangefinder Camera (45mm f/1,8 – auto exposure)

A topic will be opened on Flickr announcing the winners, along with a post on the GRPhoto blog.

Thank you again

Chad VanWalsum

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  1. GRMacGirl on

    It was a pretty awesome experience – and I say that despite the horifically early hour that we started and the fact that every muscle in my legs ache today from all of the power walking that I did to keep up with the event. :)

    Thank you marathon organizers!! It was truly a great experience.

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