CONTEST – Results and new contest

People are going to hate me for this. None of the images submited followed the rule of making a note for a rough crop that would be used on the blog. Furthermore, after going through each image, no image fit into the layout properly without needed alot of photoshop work that would have distored the photo beyond regognision. With this said, I’m going to rehost the same contest again with a few minor rule changes. I’m sorry for this, you can now start flaming me.

This image will be on all pages of the grphoto blog and will link directly to the grand rapids flickr group page. Image will also have your user page address on it.

1) Image will fit on the side bar rather then the head. What this means is that this image will be displayed in a VERTICAL format.

2)Photo should represent grand rapids, but keep in mind this is for the grand rapids flickr group as well.

3) Here’s a twist. Though artitechutre and the calder can be in the photo, it can not be the focus. If needbe, I can explain this better.

4) You can submit however many photos you want.

5) The judges will be your fellow grand rapids flickr users.

Contest ends in 1 month, in which time voting will start. More information on voting later.


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