Jetta Under US-131 3

Jetta Under US-131 3, originally uploaded by Brad Gillette.

Car photography is not something you normaly see, and its not something you will see that often done so well outside of an advertisement. If I were the designer in charge of making a VW mag layout, I would have no problem using this shot.

I saw this spot on one of the grand rapids flickr meet walk-abouts and love that stip of lighting there, and its a perfect use of that light to lead your eye into the car and beyond.

Extra points for the legality of the parking job.


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  1. Brad Gillette on

    I must say I am quite honored. I try to stay away from car photography as much as I can, because if you’re not doing it for an ad or magazine, people just don’t take it as serriously as other subjects. The strip of light was what drew me to the spot, and it took a lot of social engineering to actually get into that parking lot, as it is a private special event lot for GVSU’s Eberhard Center, and even with my faculty pass, they wouldn’t let me in. Eventually I did gain access though, and you wouldn’t believe just how fast that strip of light moves! That’s the reason my parking job was so wonderful, as I was constantly moving the car to center it just right. I was also on an empty tank of gas, and was quite worried that I would run out! Thank’s again!

    – Brad Gillette

  2. Serg on

    Coool :D

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