134 Different Perspectives

Have you ever found yourself hesitating to take a photo because you know that you’ve seen that subject a hundred times in the GR Flickr Group and you just feel like it’s been done? You know, things like the Calder, the stretch of the Grand River right downtown, a particular section of graffiti in the Artside neighborhood… you get the idea.

Don’t hesitate! Take the shot!

You see, we may have all taken pictures of that particular subject, but none of us has taken one on that particular day, with that particular light, in that particular weather, from that particular vantage point, or with unique perspective of the person you are at that moment. Each of these things effects the final photo, and for that reason no two photos are alike.

I’m going to be on vacation for the next few days, so I’ve selected several photos with a single theme: The Grand River. Each was taken by a different photographer in our group, and each offers a unique perspective on the Grand River and its immediate area. These are photographic subjects that we, as Grand Rapids residents, often take for granted. Subjects that we tend to think have been done. But none of these is a photographic cliché.

Without further adieu and in no particular order…

Grand River at the Fish Ladder” by Suuun

Grand River at the Fish Ladder

Bridgewater Place” by docksidepress

Bridgewater Place

Fulton Street Bridge” by mac girl

Fulton Street Bridge

Tracy In B&W” by lorilea

Tracy in b&w

Under The Bridge” by powerbooktrance

Under the Bridge

Grand River & Pearl Street Bridge” by sparky05

Grand River & Pearl Street Bridge

There are, as of this moment, 134 members in our group. The number grows every day. I know that for a fact because I watch it grow. That’s 134 takes on what Grand Rapids is, what the Calder is, what the Grand River is, what the cobble stones on Wealthy Street look like, and which parts of the Fred Meijer Gardens are the most spectacular, or quietly beautiful. It’s 134 unique perspectives on who we, the residents of this beautiful city, are.

So take the shot, post it, and keep an eye on the group photo stream. You might just find something you’ve never seen before from that person’s unique perspective, even though you look at that place, or thing, or person every day.

For more shots of the Grand River as seen from the various perspectives of several photographers in our group, check out the GR Photo Group’s Grand River tag set.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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