I love a rainy night

I love a rainy night

Originally uploaded by laniee75.

I think I’ve spoken here before about what a huge part both luck and timing play in great photography. Yeah, that and equipment. What I left out was the element of play. Whether you just walked out of the local camera shop with a $1,200 DSLR kit, or your fiddling with your old $200 point and shoot model – PLAY with it.

One of the greatest advantages of digital photography is the ability to play with controls, lighting, settings and subjects where the only limitation is your imagination and the size of your data card (that can be cleared and re-used) and the bonus is that you get instant feedback.

Today’s Pick Of The Day illustrates what treasures you can stumble over when you’re playing with your camera.  I love what’s going on with stretched lights, and having the sunglasses on the dashboard in front makes the lighting look even more surreal somehow.

The more you play with your camera, the more you push boundaries and discover what you can and can’t do with it.  Now, go play!


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