Sorry for the complete lack of updates recently. Here is what is in store.
I’m finishing up writing the second part of the point and shoot vs slr article and hope to have that finished by this weekend where I will start on another article going over the more manual controls of your camera, its time we got out of the auto mode and move into the shutter priority, aperture priority, or even the manual mode.

Katie has been having some difficulty with time concerning the photo picks, so I’m going to be helping her with that again and will have something with that today yet. Themes will also be coming back in two flavors, the general theme which is to help you get out there and shoot, and an advanced theme to help you learn about photography. I’m also going to be asking some flickr users to write a write-up about their camera and their lenses. I want to get some more content on here and have it as a valuable source for people to learn from.

Final note, in the next week or so we are going to be moving the blog onto its own server with its own domain name. This is in part thanks to Jeff Muller who runs a few other photography related websites about the grand rapids area. He had the domain sitting around and offered it to us, and I took him up on the offer. What this will allow is for us to have a customized theme for wordpress, better plug ins (think calendar of events, user submitted reviews, etc) and obviously, our own domain. We might even go a bit further in that and offer users a sub-domain and blogging power, we’re not sure yet. So be on the lookout for that, and don’t worry, I’ll give plenty of warning first.


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