Calder Plaza at Vandenburg Center

Calder Plaza at Vandenburg Center

Originally uploaded by sparky05.

In photography, as in life, luck is everything and timing is a close second. Beyond that you need skill and equipment, and the ability to “see” a potential image when luck, timing, skill, and equipment are already on your side.

In this photo posted by Sparky05 timing and luck played an even more important role than usual. Look at that cloud sweep! This would be a great photo if the sky were flat blue, and a wonderful photo if there were little poufy sheep clouds flying around, but that sweep of clouds happening at just the right time make this photo awesome! To paraphrase Powerbooktrance from the photo comments, the clouds draw your eye down and to the center, right into the brilliant red sculpure.

Amazing composition, Sparky05. And brilliant luck!


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